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TutaPoint.com: A Place for Passionate Teaching Professionals
As teaching professionals, nothing compares with that moment when a student truly learns something new, fully grasping a previously foreign concept or idea. Passionate teaching professionals and tutors strive to make that special moment of understanding happen every day, often applying their special brand of patience outside of the classroom. For education professionals like these, teaching is not just a job, but a way of life. Sound familiar? If so, then TutaPoint.com might be an excellent place for you - a place where students in need reach out for academic help that only someone like you can provide.
TutaPoint.com's Educational Services
TutaPoint.com provides live, Internet-based, one-on-one tutoring services in high-school-level courses. Students may request instant homework help or schedule a tutoring session. Tutors work with their students in our online classroom, complete with video, audio, whiteboard and file sharing. TutaPoint.com's technology ensures a student's requested subject area is routed to an appropriately skilled tutor, and that the students progress is enhanced by our automatic reinforcement activities - all while being measured and tracked against the National Common Core Standards.
What We Are Looking For in an Online Tutor
TutaPoint.com works with the best tutors from all over the United States. It is our responsibility to ensure our students receive the most effective learning experience. We know the best tutors are professionals in the field of education, so we partner with certified teachers, retired teachers, teaching assistants, professors at colleges and universities, and others who meet our high standards and settle only for excellence. Our tutors are determined to help students succeed.

To become a tutor at TutaPoint.com and our associated websites, tutors must have a minimum of two years previous tutoring experience.

TutaPoint.com's Standard of Safety and Excellence

Because we take education and safety seriously, our staff screens prospective tutors to ensure we enlist experienced, well-qualified professionals who are passionate about teaching one or more of our subject areas. Before any tutor is invited to be a part of TutaPoint.com's team, the individual must complete a comprehensive application and then we perform background and criminal checks. As an additional method of quality control, our administrative Web team routinely monitors tutoring sessions.
To learn more about how to become a TutaPoint.com tutor, visit our Tutor FAQS page.
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