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Online Algebra Tutor: From Behind the Screen

Posted By Ryan Duques


Kimberly Nentwich is an online Algebra tutor at TutaPoint, helping High School, Middle School and College students.


In addition to helping Algebra students online, Kimberly is an education major at Liberty University Online. She joined the TutaPoint staff in hopes of getting more professional experience working with students and helping them work towards academic achievement. Kimberly became interested in tutoring algebra online when she noticed her younger brother began to struggle in math.
“It was then that I realized the need for tutors who can explain and re-explain a topic so that it makes sense to all different types of learners.  Because I personally enjoy algebra and it makes sense to me, I figured I could help students learn Algebra, even if it means using unconventional methods,” notes Kimberly.


Since Kimberly has a lot of experience when it comes to tutoring, she is well prepared to effectively access a child’s strengths and weaknesses and develop a learning program to fit their individual needs.   In order to properly gage a student’s understanding in Algebra when Kimberly first starts working with a student, she will often let a student work on a problem independently in order to pin point the areas in which they are struggling and what aspects of the subject they are grasping well.  After evaluating a student’s prior knowledge and capability, she can then determine a learning plan to meet the student’s individual requirements.


When asked about students and the progress they make from being tutored, Kimberly relies on a few different ways to measure performance.
“Sometimes I am explaining or reviewing something that was previously confusing for the student and they will literally cut me off and finish the problem in order to show me they understand. At other times, particularly when we are using the webcams, I can see in their face that a light bulb just went off,” said Kimberly.


Another sign of evident progress in Algebra is when a student becomes excited about a subject and are motivated to do more practice problems.  Kimberly also commented about the grades of students that she has tutored in the past.


Although Kimberly tutors online Algebra for TutaPoint, she also has experience tutoring various levels of English, chemistry, biology and pre-algebra. Kimberly feels that online tutoring is a very positive thing for both the tutor and the student.
Online tutoring is advantageous to both the tutor and the student; students are able to get help whenever they need it, wherever they are. In the same way, the tutors are able to make their own schedules and work with students in the convenience of their own home,” said Kimberly.
In Kimberly’s free time, she loves to cook.  Some of her favorite foods include Indian food, such as Masala Dosa and Tandoon Chicken, as well as freshly baked gluten free bagels.  She also has a passion for travelling and enjoys visiting family all over the United States.  She also participates in mission trips in the summer to Latin America, where she enjoys being able to practice her Spanish, while helping those less fortunate than herself.

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