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Here at TutaPoint.com, we think students should have fast, reliable access to supplemental educational resources and tutors whenever they need them, even if it's after school and long after dinnertime.

Since 2007, TutaPoint.com has provided expert online tutoring in math, science and world languages. In addition to TutaPoint.com's tutoring services, we also provide exceptional supplemental education materials, like books and videos.

Unlike other online education companies, TutaPoint.com is based in the USA, and all of TutaPoint.com's tutors live in the United States. We will not outsource our knowledge base off-shore.

TutaPoint.com's Math video series helps students dissect complicated math concepts in short mini-lessons. Each lesson is about ten minutes long and breaks down mathematical exercises like: dividing decimals, converting fractions to decimals and 158 more! The video series is aligned to the NCTM standards. Currently videos are available in pre-algebra (essential math skills), algebra 1, geometry, and algebra 2.

TutaPoint.com also publishes: Math Made Simple, Science Made Simple and Spanish Made Simple text books. These books are written to help students master the core concepts of the subject.

To accommodate the many needs of today's students, we are proud to offer private, live, one-on-one, Internet-based tutoring on their schedules, from the comfort of their own homes or schools. TutaPoint.com uses only U.S. based tutors, which ensure a quality experience for every student. Whether it is a student who wants to go from a B-plus to an A in Calculus or another student who dreads going to Chemistry class, TutaPoint.com's staff of professional tutors is available on-demand to help. For a complete listing of the subjects in which our tutors specialize, click here.

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Expert, Screened Tutors: TutaPoint's Quality Verification Program

The first step in providing an excellent tutoring website is to find excellent tutors. TutaPoint.com works with teaching professionals from all over the United States, including certified teachers, retired teachers, teaching assistants, professors, and others who are passionate about teaching one or more of our subject areas.

All of TutaPoint's tutors are based in the U.S.

Because we take our students' education seriously, our staff screens every tutor to ensure we enlist the most reliable, hard-working tutors possible. All of our tutors undergo a rigorous application process that includes a thorough criminal background check to ensure a safe online learning environment. As an additional method of quality control, our administrative Web team routinely monitors tutoring sessions.

Our Services: Tutoring, Math Videos, Online Learning

Innovations in high-speed Internet service and database technology have allowed TutaPoint.com to provide the best educational services right in a student's living room or favorite classroom. TutaPoint.com takes the time to make sure every student receives customized service with an appropriately-skilled tutor and a record of their session for later reference.

Through a simple sign-in process, students may log-on to TutaPoint.com and get instant help or schedule a future tutoring session customized to the student's specified academic subject. Scheduled sessions may last between a minimum of 15 minutes to a maximum of two hours. Tutors are able to provide instant help (non-scheduled tutoring) from 2 p.m. to midnight, Eastern Standard Time.

To connect with a tutor, a student must have a high-speed Internet connection and a parent's permission to contact a TutaPoint.com tutor. Tutoring sessions occur in our real-time virtual classrooms.

Pricing: Just $29 Per Hour or $99 Per Month. Videos Starting at $2.99

TutaPoint.com charges offers world-class tutoring for just $29 per hour or just $14 for a half hour of expert, U.S. based tutoring.

10 Hours tutoring plus bonus material  is available for $99 per month.

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